Friday, 14 September 2012

Ted Douglas 1929 - 2012

I'am sorry to have to tell you that this will be the last issue of Skeffling News, but now and again in future you might find a copy of Skeffling News on your mat.

Ted Douglas 1929 - 2012   It's with great sadness we have to say a final goodbye to Ted Douglas.   The Pub Lads WOW! What a night that was.   The Village Hall was packed and the music really rocked!  Cherie Lawrence has been to the Village Hall three times now, and been a success every time.

Village Hall News.   At the Village Hall AGM the Chairman, Lynda Payne, said that very little had happened during the financial year, but this coming year lots of things are planned.   There are loads of events planned for the coming year, Burn's Night especially.  Plus lots of another tit-bits.

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